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NEW Wet-Field® Osher ThermoDot™ Marker!

The Osher ThermoDot™ Marker is an intraoperative bipolar instrument designed to create an ink-free, fine dot on the eye that can be used as a precise reference point for a variety of procedures, including toric intraocular lens implantation.

ThermoDot image

Product Benefits

  • Ink-free, will not smear
  • Lasts the duration of surgery
  • Clearly visible, precise dot
  • Unique curve facilitates perpendicular approach
  • No additional patient discomfort

ThermoDot diagram

Wet-Field® Osher ThermoDot™ Product Sheet

Wet-Field® Eraser® Specialty Bipolar Instruments


Known for quality and innovation, Wet-Field® Eraser® bipolar instruments provide the right tool for situations requiring precise hemostasis with minimal tissue trauma. Beaver-Visitec offers a complete range of gauges, styles are available in 18GA, 20GA, 20-23GA tapered, 23GA and 25GA.

Additional specialty products include hollow-core, passive / active aspiration devices with reflux combined with bipolar diathermy capability.  Curved shafts are designed to conform to ocular anatomy while maximizing tip visualization, range of motion, and target approach versatility.  Request more information

23G Wet-Field® Eraser®
Wet-Field® Eraser® Specialty Electrosurgical Instruments Product Sheet

Wet-Field® Hemostatic Coagulator


The Wet-Field® Coagulator is designed to provide precise episcleral, intrascleral, and intraocular hemostasis with reduced peripheral tissue trauma. Controlled Rf diathermy delivers targeted coagulation with the most comprehensive line of bipolar Eraser® instruments, forceps and cables.

Weight: 4 lb. 2 oz. (1.9 kg)
Dimensions: 5.5” x 8.5” x 11”
Power Requirements: 100 - 240 VAC, 65 VA, 50/60 Hz
Output Waveform: 445 kilohertz (kHz) square wave variable burst length
Frequency Range: 445 kilohertz
Output Current Range: 36 - 641 milliamperes (mA rms) into a 50 non-inductive load, continuously variable
Output Power: 0.5 - 21 watts into a 50 ohms non-inductive load, continuously variable
Test Load: 50 ohms non-inductive load, neuro-surgical forceps input, using electrosurgical analyzer
Rated Accessory Voltage: 210V Peak
 Request more information

Accu-Temp® CauteriesAccu-Temp® Cauteries

Accu-Temp® Cauteries provide a broad selection of tip styles for specialty cauterization in a wide variety of ophthalmic procedures. Each single-use cautery is packaged sterile, complete with a safety cap to lock switch in "off" position when not in use.  Request more information

Accu-Temp� Cauterette�

Accu-Temp® Cauteries Product Sheet

For a complete offering of electrosurgical products, view our catalog

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