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Atomic Edge™

Atomic Edge™

Innovative Atomic Edge™ Blade Technology

Atomic Edge™Developed through the technology and processes used in semiconductor fabrication, Atomic Edge™ silicon single-use blades deliver higher quality and performance than metal blades. It is the first single-use silicon blade for ophthalmic surgery.

Atomic Edge™ represents a breakthrough in blade technology with its single crystalline silicon molecular structure, to deliver edge sharpness and performance approaching that of a diamond blade. The Atomic Edge™ blade features an edge radius of 40 nm, comparing to approximately 600 nm for metal knives, and 20 nm for diamond knives.

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) photos of knife cutting edge at 10,000x magnification:

SEM Edge Photos

Atomic Edge™ Safety Knives

Atomic Edge™ safety knives are designed to combine diamond-like performance with single-use safety and convenience.

The Atomic Edge™ blade architecture is designed for incision control. The double-bevel design ensures straight penetration in single or two-plane clear cornea incision. The blade has non-sharpened parallel sides that minimize the risks of accidental side-cutting. The tip angle has been designed to produce the correct penetration depth, resisting over penetration.

Similar to Beaver™ Safety Ophthalmic Knives, Atomic Edge™ knives feature an advanced retractable protective shield designed to protect healthcare professionals and to protect the blade. The shield’s slider mechanism is designed to open and close with a single-hand operation. Request more information

Atomic Edge™ Product Literature

Atomic Edge™ Accurate Depth Knives 

Atomic Edge™ Accurate DepthThe same Atomic Edge™ technology is used to provide a broad range of accurate depth knives for Limbal Relaxing Incisions (LRI) and groove incisions.
Atomic Edge™ Accurate Depth Knives benefits:

  • Equal in performance to diamond blades
  • Precise fixed blade exposure
  • Brand new sterile knife with each use
  • Single-Use design

Atomic Edge™ LRI Kits

This kit provides the single-use tools needed for creating limbal relaxing incisions. It matches a high-quality Atomic Edge™ Accurate Depth Knife with the flexibility of the Beaver™ Swivel Fixation Ring and a Marking Pen that can be used for smooth, clear markings on the eye.

Atomic Edge™ LRI Kit benefits:

  • Precision of an Atomic Edge Accurate Depth Knife
  • High-quality products packaged together for added convenience
  • Eliminates need to stock individual products for LRI incisions

Each Atomic Edge™ LRI Kit contains:

Atomic Edge™ Accurate DepthAtomic Edge™ Accurate Depth Knife – Available in 550 or 600 micron

  • Equal in performance to a diamond knife
  • Blade cuts in one direction only
  • Knife features a safety-engineered handle

Swivel Fixation Ring13 mm Swivel Fixation Ring

  • Guide marks on top of ring at 10 degree increments
  • Less trauma than metal rings
  • Single-use, swivel ring

Surgical Marking PenSurgical Marking Pen

  • For smooth, clear markings
  • Prep-resistant gentian violet ink
  • Barrel legibly ruled in centimeters

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